Security policy


Security policy


Thanks you interest and update the website. We respect and commit will keep secrete   about  your information .

The privacy policy will explain the way of us will receive, use (In some case) disclosure of private  personal information of customer.

Protect personal data and build the trust for customer is a important problem with  us. So, we will use the name and other information that relative to customer in accordance with the privacy policy. We only collect necessary information that relative to  purchase  transaction.

We will keep the information of the customer in accordance with Law Regulation, or other purposes. The customer can update the website and approve without giving  personal information. At that time you are being incognito your name and we do nor know who you are if you register your account.

1.collecting the personal information

- We collect, save and handling your information during buying goods and information after relative to  your order and in order to  provide service  include some personal information: Title, name, sex, date of birth, email, address and  address for delivering goods, telephone number, fax, payment detail, payment detail by card or detail on Bank account.

- We can use your information that provided to handling your order to provide  services  through the website  and according to your requirement.

- Further, we can use that information to manage your account; verify and carry out the online transaction, recognize you in web, study the demographic, send  information that include product information and service. If you do not want any  market information of us, you can refuse any time.

- We can transfer your name and address for third Party to deliver goods for you (example: express delivery or provider).

- Detail of your order, we can keep secrete, but owing to security, we can not public directly. However, you can approach to the information by the way of registering  your account in Web. Here, you can see the detail of your order, products that received and products sent, email detail, Bank and information table that you are following.

- You has to commit on your personal data and not allowed to tell the third party to know about your information. We are not responsible for using wrong password in case of not my violation.


- We can use your personal information to study the marketing, information will be hided and used for being  statistical  only, you can refuse to take part in  any time if you like.

2. Privacy

We can apply the suitable measurements on technology and security  to prevent the update illegally or against law, or lost, destroyed, or damaged for customer information .

- I ask customer should not give information on payment for anyone by email, we are not responsible for being lost that customer bears during exchanging your information through internet or email.

- Customer absolutely does nor use any program, tools under any form with purpose of intervention into the system or change the data structure. Ban on spreading, disseminate or cheering for any act with the purpose of intervention, destructive or intrusion into the data system of website, All violations will be ended rights and indicted in accordance with law regulation,

- All transaction information will be kept secrete but if the Competent Authority require, we shall provide this information for the Competent Authority.

Conditions, provisions and the content of this web adjusted by Viet Nam’s law regulation and Court.

3. Customer’s right

- The customer has the right to update the personal data, and require us to correct your date without fees. You have the right to require us to stop on using your personal data with the purpose of marketing.

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